A gaze fixed on me, it was like a physical blow. Where...? A big dog, right in the middle of the flock was slowly uncurling. Dusty dog and dusty sheep. I had not noticed while all were asleep. His patchy, tawny and white body had blended perfectly in the dappled shade, slightly darker muzzle made him look menacing now, as did his stance. He rose slowly and gingerly, started steeping over the backs of his unconcerned charges, tail coming up, back ramrod straight. A wave of admiration hit me. There was a functional beauty chiseled to perfection by countless generations of work... I had been instantly cured of all desire to approach sheep in that land. I had met the GUARDIAN!

This was written by Natalka Czartoryska: "Five Minutes in the Life of a Geologist", The Guardian 1980.

Natalka Czartoryska (Hisar Anatolians) dedicated her life to the benefit of the Turkish shepherd's working dogs, Coban Köpegi. She made innumerable visits to Turkey to survey this breed's true being. She believed that the best dog for breeding was the healthiest and most typical, by conformation but not by colour. By following this advise we will maintain this ancient working breed as it has been for several thousands of years.

Natalka Czartoryska at Crufts with Hisar Rasad

     (Photo by Joanne Illman)

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