Sometimes people suspect that dogs of this size and with such great guardian
instincts do not get well along with children. In our family we have had
none whatsoever problems. Adult supervision and responsibility in all
situations is a MUST, as with any other breed.

PejkOscar 3 months with Agabey 1 year

Pejko (10 months) "playing" with Agabey (1,5 years)

And then the other way around: the PBGV Remy
(3 months) "playing" with Pejko (1,5 years)

Bigger pals Pejko 9 years and Asil 10 years
(photo by Sanna Jääskeläinen)

A new friend: Refah Nadir 3,5 months with Pejko 7 years

Still great friends: Nadir 15 months & Pejko 8 years

Best pals: Nadir 2 years, Pejko 9 years & Asil 10 years
(photo by Sanna Jääskeläinen)